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Monday, January 14, 2013

Britney Regal aka The Glam Goddess

It is my honor to bring you all this feature on Britney Regal, this young lady is all over Facebook and other social media sites showing off her beautiful looks. She is an inspiration to all of us, one day I hope to be a great as she is. Many of you know Britney as The Glam Goddess but this feature is about Britney Regal, lover of beauty and makeup. Let's get started, hope you all enjoy.
My name is Britney and my love of makeup began. I am a self taught makeup artist , I have always had a love of  makeup and am self taught. everyday I build my skills Since I was 11 I have always had a passion for it  , but 3 years ago I began experimenting with makeup a little more then normal , a lifelong fascination with color, texture and shading was born. I have always been interested in makeup since I was a young girls, I always watched award shows, celeb teen magazine , you name it I was reading it  or watching it for the next biggest trend or look to come along through out the years.I never took inspiration till I was a young adult, I never cared about blending , liner , the whole glam look when I was young , but then I didnt know better, I thought wearing thick white eyeliner on the eyelid was the fly thing to do cause everyone else did it, never really knew how it looked or what other people thought about it , until I was older and looked back on all though things and thought WOW ... never again  , but know a day inspiration is the best thing anyone could have, I never really had a passion for makeup ever like I didnt know until I saw what you could actually do if makeup , I never new what a cut crease, outer V  , etc ... I  thought that was all crazy... until one day I was on a beauty blog and saw all these makeup look and thought wow I need to try that ,so one day I did it and that when it all happen, I was so inspired by it I even started a makeup blog myself called The Glam Goddess, then of course I heard that there was a big beauty guru zone on You Tube , so of course I had to go and check it out and even since that Ive been so in love with makeup , I have now recently started a growing Facebook makeup page also called The Glam Goddess, spreading all my work I do , all my work is inspired from other people work ive seen them so , makeup is a awesome form of art to me , I always dont need inspiration some days  I can just pick up a palette and doodle on my face and come out with something beautiful , but on the other hands im always inspired by art , landscape ,other MUA's work and then adding my own twist . Let group in to come of the other great thing about makeup , who are my favorite MUA's, while hands down my favorite is Scott Barnes ,he is amazing as most people know that he is Kim Kardashians and many other celebrities makeup artist, he is so inspiring  he has so many tip , trick and anything you need to know about makeup he know it, I also love Wayne Goss, I know many people know him form You Tube , he was the first person I ever watched on YouTube and I was sold after that , not only is this many gorgeous but his videos are so informative , full of tips , trick ... and everything you could want , be he has the best makeup tutorials ever , whether your a beginner or and expert there is something he can help you out with and he is the must charming person to listen to ever !! On to what are some of my favorite makeup brands, well of course I have many , but this is a tough one for me but let start with high end , my all time favorite brand is Inglots... I absolutely  love everything they have , there great quality, wonderful formula and they have the best pigmentation , you want long wearing makeup this is the brand to check out far as drugstore goes id have to say Loreal, this is one of the few brands I can wear from the drugstore, they have such a great a ray of products , there is literally something for everyone, they have the best selection of eyeshadow , foundation,lipstick .... no matter what skintone , skin texture etc , Loreal will have it or you ... you will not be let down with this brand. I hope you have learn something about me and my makeup passion below I will attach a picture of one of my favorite makeup looks I have done ,This picture is such an elegant look for anyone , I think this is one of the most inspiring and sexy look and it can flatter anyone. I have always love old Hollywood glam , and this look I did screams it , I hope you enjoy it as much as I did .

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