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Monday, January 7, 2013

Feature Artist: Katie Morton

I chose this look because of the pretty pastel colors and that it could be worn by anyone, I used my Lime Crime palette d'antoinette eyeshadows for this look and I layered the silver over a white eyeliner on my water line to widen the look of my eye.
-Katie <3
I first got into the cosmetology through my mom and my aunt, who both are cosmetologists. I first started doing makeup when I was in 7th grade,I began with my self and bought new eyeshadow palettes mascara and eyeliners with my weekly allowance, after getting positive feedback from my friends, fellow classmates, and teachers, I started using makeup to express my self, and my art work in my art classes and theatre classes. As I progressed I in school and got up into high school I became the hair and makeup artist for my high schools theatre program, I also started doing makeup sessions for fellow classmates and their friends for prom, homecoming, and other events. An early on inspiration for my colorful looks was Jeffree Star, his look just stood out to me in the crowds of neutral colors, I have since looked up to Under Blue Lights, Smella, Shrinkle the founder of Sugarpill cosmetics and Doe Deere founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, Kat Von D, Ash Costello and I bring inspiration from my recent looks in from makeup artists from all around the globe, I follow anyone who follows their passion for this art form, I use everything from "drug store" brands, covergirl, Revlon, wet n' wild, rimmel, loreal and maybelline, to higher brands such as sephora, bareminerals, too faced, urban decay, to smaller makeup lines like makeup forever, Kat Von D, Sugarpill, Lit Cosmetics and Lime Crime. I believe no matter your budget, if you have the passion you can make anything into your work of art! :) 

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