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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Interview with Rogue Republic Cosmetics !

1.       how long have you been in the beauty business?
We are actually a very new company.  I founded Rogue Republic Cosmetics in Spring 2012 and launched early in the summer, so it hasn’t even been a year yet. I used to model and am always around makeup artists, photographers, performers, etc…people who have want and need for beauty products so it’s been a large part of my social life for years now.

2. What prompted you to start Rogue Republic Cosmetics?

I have a lot of sensitivity issues with makeup, but I still needed something that would last under harsh lights, nights out, on stage and such. A lot of the more gentle formulas don’t stand up to a lot of environmental abuse like that. I wanted to make something for me…it was rather selfish, when I think about it. But I also have a background in visual art and I love to play with color and mixed media so it seemed a natural fit to see what I could do to bridge the gap and put something out there that people could really love and use. Alternative styles really lend towards bold cosmetics and demand makeup that can withstand a lot of abuse, so I really had that sort of need in mind. But more than anything, makeup is fun and can be a tool to help you enhance your self-perception.

3. How long has the company been around?

We have been around about 8 months now…still in our infancy, really! I began researching long before that, but May 2012 is when things began to come together and materialize.

4. What inspires color choices for eyeshadows and other cosmetics?

I love iridescence in nature (insects, birds, aquatic life...), and it was important to me to incorporate that as a company that supplies completely vegan cosmetics. So in addition to some standards, I wanted us to have a lot of duo-tone and multi-tone shades to highlight other bold colors we have so people can create looks that are really special. A lot of our decisions are based on trying to have a well-rounded range of offerings, from neutrals to bright colors that pop.

5. What is your most popular selling item?

I think because we are so new, our sample packs have been the most popular item. People want to see what we’re all about. We have sold the most of our 10-pack samples, by far. In terms of individual colors, Surrender (a satin white with a hint of gold shimmer) and Heiress (a cool, mid-tone purple) are the most popular.

Basically, tell me the story of how Rogue Republic Cosmetics came to be. Tell me a little about yourself and if others work with you about them also. Add some photos of the company, cosmetics, you, anyone who is a part of your company.

I really wanted to provide bright, bold colors that the alternative scene demands that is geared toward withstanding the entertainment industry’s demands. But most importantly, it had to do this while still being gentle formulas, cruelty-free, and vegan. There are so many options for colorants that it seems a waste to use animal products just for the sake of beauty when there are other options that perform just as well, if not better.
Rogue Republic Cosmetics is set up to be a movement rather than just a business. It’s a motion towards not accepting less when it comes to beauty products; you can have it all. We constantly reformulate and experiment to try to improve the performance of products without raising costs and prices.

As I mentioned, I have a long history in the arts and painting, so I love to experiment and try to match my reality to my vision. From color theory to minor chemistry, my background really becomes integral to the way I approach Rogue Republic products. I want Rogue Republic to become the medium for other artists; for makeup artists to create a makeup, for photographers to execute their vision, for performers to highlight their stage presence...we want to be the company you rely on to bring your vision, whatever it is, to life. Even if that just means a day look for work that pops and little more that you don’t have to reapply…or something that helps you create a night look that helps you feel you own the room.
We have lofty goals, but striving for ideals is what helps people accomplish more than they thought possible. That’s central to our mission…it isn’t just about beauty. It’s about not accepting less.

Images: packaging and such...
The eyeshadow look is by MissChelle MUA (
the image preview credits are:
top left: photo by Fawx, model Kami
top right: photo by Lopshire Photography, model Hannah Goodenough
bottom left: photo by Hatter Photographer, model Alien Baby
bottom right: photo by Cynthia Mack Photography, model Rachel Garza

everyone can be found by those names via facebook :) some of the collaborations have been to publication and we have some more in the works...I think that's the most fun part of the whole thing...the artistic collaboration. It's amazing to see someone take your products and create a whole other world with it.
I am honored to be bringing you this interview. Thank you to Rogue Republic Cosmetics for giving me the opportunity to interview you !

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