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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eye Kandy !!!

I am so honored to be doing this interview and bringing it to you all. I have heard so much about this company and one of my goals is to be good enough to review their products. I want to personally thank Eye Kandy for this opportunity.
 The main owner, Jennifer, has been in the beauty business for 24 years. She owned a successful salon before starting Eye Kandy. Jennifer saw a girl wearing glitter and loved the way it looked. She then asked myself and our third partner if we wanted to start a glitter cosmetic company. It came at the perfect time for all three of us, so through trial and error, we have gotten to were we are today. Eye Kandy is going into it's seventh year of business. Our color choices are inspired by a few things, colors we personally love, colors that will look good on anyone and current trends as well as classical colors. Our biggest selling item is our glitter and adhesive. Eye Kandy is owned by three sisters, Jennifer, who suddenly lost her husband shortly after the company started to a heart attack. She then became the single mom of two small children. Jody who was a flight attendant before coming on board and is a mother to a small boy, and me, Jamie, the mother of three grown children. We started the company in 2005, and have continued to grow every year. We try hard to offer excellent costumer service. Everyone, is important to us, we know we could not be successful with out them. As we continue to grow we will be adding more products that will be available early 2013. Lastly, we believe our purpose in life is to give back and love being able to give to our favourite charities. 

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