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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beauty By Misty !!

I have seen pics from Beauty By Misty a few times on Facebook but never even though of asking her to be featured on my blog, sad huh? Well, now I'm making up for it by featuring her. I love the work she does, she can do subtle but also can do dramatic well. She is one artist I admire and would love to be like one day. Telling someone about my makeup history is always challenging to me because I feel like I've always been into makeup, but I can only remember recently wearing and playing in it like I do. I always wore basic makeup since the 8th grade. A couple years ago I discovered ELF cosmetics and ordered almost everything they sold online. That is where the true makeup journey began. Then a friend bought me a coastal scents 88 palette and I was hooked on the idea that I could use my face as a canvas. I started watching YT vids and became addicted to recreating looks by QueenOfBlending, VintageOrTacky, and Petrilude. Then I started drawing inspiration instead of recreating and became my own mua(so to speak). I have since graduated from elf products and yt tutorials. I still watch because I love a lot of my favorites for their reviews and personalities, but I prefer the MUA's of FB. My favorites include but are not limited to Makeup Frenzy, MrsElegantBeauty, Katie Alves, Brittany Couture..There are so many!!Anyways I can talk about makeup all day so I better stop now haha. I will leave you with my favorite brands that I just can't get enough of. Urban Decay, Tarte, Kat Von D, Dollipop Cosmetics, and Milani! Oh and I chose the look as my favorite because to me it's edgy and crazy and super clean lines. I'm proud of it. 

xoxo- Beauty By Misty

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