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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rosanne Willebrand !

Rosanne Willebrand is a newbie to the makeup world just like myself and I admire her for trying to get her name out there and I am really honored that she chose me in helping do it. I like her use of colors and her blending is really good. Like myself, she is not afraid to let people see her unique style and look. Thank  you Rosanne for allowing me to do this feature.
I am a newbie in the makeup world. I never really stayed from browns until last spring when I was introduced to pigmented eyeshadow. I am influenced by Renee Carrion, she continues to teach me how to do it and what to use to apply it. My inspiration for my looks are the mood I am in that day. The colors reflect what I am feeling. I have a few favorite MUA's Lucy D. Fairyz, Renee Carrion and MsElgantBeauty. Their makeup looks help me to want to work outside the box and try new things. My favorite picture is my tweety inspired look. This is the first look I did that stood out from the rest. My favorite brand is Makeup Fairyz. I love the variety of colors and I use more than just the eyeshadows but the beauty products as well. It was the first pigment that I had ever used and I fell in love with it.

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