Tru Organic

Monday, December 10, 2012

Feature Artist: Nikki Kopchu aka Makeup Frenzy

My feature artist this week is Nikki Kopchu aka Makeup Frenzy. You see her creations all the time on Facebook but what you don't know is they all tell a story. She is an amazing talent for only being a makeup artist for 3 years. As she was battling her greatest struggle, she decided that she wanted to feel beautiful so she started playing with makeup only to become one of the best makeup artists I have seen. She is not only extremely courageous but she is one of the nicest people around, I have come across many people who wouldn't give a newbie the time of day but she does and she does it with a smile. I asked her what it was that motivated her creations and how she got her start in the beauty industry, this was her response; " Well, I started makeup about 3 years ago. I taught myself through youtube videos and practicing! I was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to feel pretty, being bald i didnt feel girly. Makeup was a HUGE outlet for me and escape! I love everything about makeup! The reason my name is Makeup Frenzy was because one day i got a bunch of makeup and i said "Its a makeup FRENZY in here!" and thought it was perfect lol. A lot of people inspire me on here, Mrselegantbeauty and Gina the Makeup Artist are 2 of my internet guru crushes lol. SO MANY though. My fave look is my butterfly look because I honestly kinda suck at drawing and I felt that was my first win on that note lol. :) ".

Her butterfly creation is one of my favorites also. Nikki, thank you for this opportunity, I feel honored to have met such a courageous individual, stay nice and sweet :)