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Monday, October 7, 2013

Cutie Pitutie Review

What do you think of when I say Cutie Pitutie?  I think of cute little trinkets or little girls. Well, we are all wrong, Cutie Pitutie is the newest company with innovative bath and beauty products. I kid you not, the product pics on their website look like good stuff you can eat or drink  such as cupcakes and smoothies. I totally love the website, the products I received was the lip balm and dry foot cream, both smell delicious. I love flavored lip balm so I had no complaints at all. My lips tasted and felt delicious all day long. I think this product can be used by women, teens, and tweens. I for one do suffer from dry feet so I was excited to try this product. These products are all made with ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft and smelling delicious and my feet were my deciding factor about how soft this product left my feet. The facial cleanser was awesome also, got my face clean while leaving my skin silky smooth and smelling wonderful. I am pleased overall with all the products I tried. I recommend you looking at website and trying the products for yourself.

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