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Monday, August 19, 2013


You all have heard about Dermalogica but how many of you have actually tried the products? I had the pleasure of trying their skin care products and was pleased with my results. How many of you know what the three steps to healthy skin are? 1. Skin refreshing cleanser 2. MultiVitamin Thermfoliant 3. Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30, using this regimen will give you the best results but they can be used alone. Before using Dermalogica I didn't apply skin moisturizer to my face at all, I often wondered why my skin felt oily or why my makeup was coming off by the end of the day, since using this regimen my face feels silky and smooth and my makeup stays on for a longer period of time. Like you, I'm surprised that by applying a little dab of moisturizer my makeup stays on longer but I am living proof of that. If any of you get a chance to try Dermalogica products do it because the results speak for themselves. Please visit for more information and to place an order.

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