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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tips of the Trade !

One thing I really don’t like is when I get to thru half the day and my face is shiny. I have been wearing makeup since I was a teenager so I have learned a few tips over the years when it comes to skin and makeup.  One thing that I used to do for oil control during the day is put baby powder over my foundation. It kept my makeup looking fresh and shine free. I eventually went back to using a compact. I recommend using Rimmel products, if any of you is experiencing oily skin or makeup not staying on during the day. In my opinion, Rimmel is the best brand on the market today.  Another tip I have for you is for all day wear when it comes to lipstick, apply chapstick to your lips before applying your lipstick. It gives that extra protection while keeping your lipstick on your lips.

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