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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sweet Treats Jewelry !

I want to thank Sweet Treats Jewelry for doing this feature for me. I have been following their giveaways on Facebook and I totally love the jewelry, its all custom and handmade. Please check out the Sweet Treat Facebook page to skim thru some awesome and cute jewelry and maybe make a purchase.
I have been making jewelry on & off since 1997.

I started Sweet Treats Jewelry after I purchased a pair of heels that had candy all over them and I wanted something to match, Not finding anything anywhere I decided to dabble in making cupcakes and lollipops... The sweet treats biz has grown from there,  I officially opened sweet treats in 2007. 

Pretty much anything inspires me, Most of the time its because I want something to coordinate with an outfit and if I love it I'm sure you're going to love it, so I make more. And other times it's just because I am playing with all my findings & charms and then something happens and then randomly a masterpiece is born that's my favorite!

To be honest I don't really have the most popular item , I would say my most popular anything would be custom so it really depends on what my customers are wanting at the time and then that becomes the most popular because everybody else might see it and want one for themselves. 

What you can expect in 2013 is, whatever is inspiring to me at the moment and what speaks to me through inspiration!

I am a mom of three, And a grandma of two...I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family! I also adore cooking and decorating~

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