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Friday, April 5, 2013

Rodz and Rockets

Rodz and Rockets in Peoria Az. Don't miss this exciting event.


  1. Hey! I hope this message isn't a bother (please delete if you find it so), but as you're a follower of my blog, I thought I'd just drop by to notify that I'm moving to and would appreciate if you'd re-follow me over there. Thank you very much! xx

  2. Hello Elizabeth! :) Sorry, I'm not sure I've already written to you!
    I'm Mizar, one of the other bloggers of the makeup collaboration 'Get Inspired Every Friday'; we're waiting for you on fb :) Add me if you please: MizarStar Giulia Spiniello; so we can have a conversation together.
    The collaboration started two weeks ago, I'm sorry; I found it out some days ago and I wanted to warn you too. There's been a misunderstanding, I'm sorry. Please, join us on fb so we can talk :)