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Monday, April 8, 2013

Aimee Kelch !

I want to Thank Aimee for doing this feature for me, Aimee is one of my favorite MUA's because her looks are always so colorful and precise. The artwork she does is just amazing and her looks always look so beautiful. If I keep up my work I hope to be as good as her one day. Visit her Facebook page Blissfully Deranged Makeup to see more of her incredible work
I've started doing makeup ever since I can remember. I was always known as the makeup girl in high school and I remember my friends asking me if I can do their makeup for prom's, homecomings, and such. My mom started doing Mary Kay when I was in high school and I think that really got me hooked when I used to go through her stash and play with it. About a year or so ago was when I started posting looks and really getting into improving my technique. I've come a very long way since then and have learned more than I can imagine. I'm still eager to learning new things and open myself up to absorb whatever I can whenever I can.
As far as favorite beauty company I can't really say I have one. Some of the top one's I've tried thus far has been BFTE, Lime Crime, BH cosmetics, My Beauty Addiction, Eye Kandy and lots of others. (I'm sure there's one or two in there that has completely skipped my mind and for that I do apologize.) I strongly believe that each and every company has their own uniqueness and has something that makes it stand out from other companies. I'm always looking to try new things as well and have recently gotten into the whole blogging community. I'm always on the search to blog for companies and help them out in any way I can.
I truly have a passion for what I do and love helping others feel beautiful about themselves along with giving them some pointers that I've picked up over the years. I in no way call myself a professional, but I would like to consider myself a free lance makeup artist.
I've added some oldies in here just to show you how far I've come since I first started (the first pic are some old ones and the last three are my three most recent looks. I even decided to add something with a little bit of spunk to it ) and to let people know that they should never give up. If you love it do it. Don't be afraid to take risks because that's what helps you grow as an artist. People may not like what you do but don't let that discourage you. Some people for who knows what reason like to be really rude and try to bring you down especially in the makeup world. Don't be afraid to ask questions Be humble and please be open to taking advice ( you never know, you may end up doing it and like it better) Also do what fits your personality not the personalities of others!!

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