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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Beauty Addiction Review

I'm sure everyone has heard of My Beauty Addiction and if you haven't, you will. They were recently looking for promoters on Facebook and of course I wanted to be a part of their company so I entered. The owner emailed me and told me of another venture she was doing, I very quickly jumped at the chance to review My Beauty Addiction. I got to choose the products I wanted to review which Of course I loved, my favorite is Purple Twinkle Dust, its travel color is amazing, its white with a shade of purple. Milk chocolate looks like cocoa powder and limelight looks applies a beautiful shade of lime. The shadow application is smooth and it seems to just glide on which is a plus in my book, the easier the application the better. My Beauty Addiction sells more than just makeup but that will come later. Mauvalicious lipstick is smooth and also glides on smooth and easy. You can see from my pic below the shade is between rose and pink, its a very elegant color. My favorite thing about the lipstick is the beautiful tube it comes in, it's so elegant and it fits My Beauty Addiction.  I hope you all get to try My Beauty Addiction, you won't be disappointed, so many great products to offer.

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