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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beauty By Me !

What can I say about Beauty By Me? To those of you that know her, you know she's fabulous, to those of you who don't, you soon will because she's that good at what she does. You want subtle? She'll give you subtle, you want edgy? She's got it covered, you want natural? she'll have it for you in a snap. She does it all and more. That's all I got because  I'd be here all night complimenting this young lady. Here's her feature:
Hey Hey,

I was a late bloomer in the Makeup World. I didn't start using makeup until I was 21 Years old. I grew up having very little and had to finance my own way through college. Therefore, makeup was not on my priority list at the time. Than, a friend of mine said to me one day "Why don't you ever wear any makeup?" To which I didn't have an answer for. So she gave me a tube of Revlon Lipstick. I used that lipstick till it hit the bottom. So after I graduated, I found myself a really great starter job in which I really needed to look presentable for. I started buying lipsticks, than progressed to Blushes, than to Eyeshadows and Foundations...And the rest was history. I was addicted. Throughout the years, I've experimented with everything from Drug Store Brands to the High End Brands. 

You tube has definitely taken over in the beauty world. I find myself watching tutorials and videos of different girls. Everytime, I watch a video, I always learn something new. Whether, it's a technique or a new product thats just released. I don't particularly favor any Make Up Artist, because, I think everyone has an Artistic side of them somewhere within. I love seeing what people are able to create. Everyone has a "Vision" of what Beauty is and I personally think it's all beautiful. From Bold Makeup to Light soft Makeup, its all very beautiful to me. 

At the moment, I must have to admit that MAC Cosmetics is my favorite beauty brand. I started of using their MAC Matchmaster Foundation and it leaves my face looking flawless, fresh, and youthful. I have never been as happy and impressed with a Foundation. I also love their eyeshadows, pigments, lipsticks, and concealor. I'm just a big fan of MAC is all.

Attached is one of my recent looks I created. I actually created this look because I love Beyonce and her performance during Superbowl 2013 was stellar. So, for fun, I figured let me try to recreate her look. Soft, Sultry, Innocent, Humble yet In Charge, Bold, Bossy and Divalicious. LOL. That's my take on this look at least.

There's just so Much more I can write, but I will not bore you with the rest. Don't forget to Like my Facebook page at You can also follow me on Instagram username @bbm210.

Ta-Ta and stay fabulous<3

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  1. Your page is beautiful/inspiring and so are you & your looks :). I have gotten many of different ideas from you & many others and their tutorials on YouTube..I'm addicted to makeup too whether it's expensive or not..if it works well it gets added to the collection :D..Thank You for sharing your talent & beauty with myself & others