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Friday, January 11, 2013

Zenah Terada Feature

I just discovered Zenah last night going thru Facebook posts, she does amazing work and is such a talent. I'm always looking for talented MUA's to feature so if I don't come to you, please come to me and say you want to be featured on my blog. Sit back and enjoy Zenah's story. I have always been into art ever since I was young but it was only drawing or painting. Then I discovered amazing Makeup Artist that used makeup for more than just a beauty product and I wanted to try it out too. Exactly one year ago around January 2012, I traded in my color pencils & paint brushes and began to express my art on my face. 

I began entering makeup contest, won some & lost some. I love extreme full face looks the most, but starting this year I'm going to practice on doing more eye makeup looks. I have no experience in it but, I'm getting more inspired day by day and motivated to do more. I believe I have found my passion!

My inspiration varies depending on the theme/concept of the look. I try to be original & creative as possible. I have so many favorite Makeup Artist but a ultimate favorite would have to be, Promise Phan. I think she is absolutely amazing! I enjoy all the looks she has done. She is such a beautiful person inside & out. I feel like she can do anything! Like a super hero haha. 

I don't really have a favorite beauty brand because I haven't tried many products, but from what I have tried I liked Revlon a lot. The lip butters are great, the first lipstick I ever purchased myself. The color stay whipped foundation is lovely, the first foundation I liked. I chose this picture as my favorite look because it's the only one of my looks I like overall. It's from a current contest I entered, the theme is Mythical Creature so I chose the fierce fire bird Phoenix. :)

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