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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jennifer Golla Feature

   The look I attached is my favorite because I was able to draw flowers in as if it was done on paper. I plant flowers every year and love to draw and take pics of them. Just to have them in a look is perfect. 
I'm pretty excited to be doing this feature because Jennifer was chosen to be an eye model for Dollipop Cosmetics, for someone who has been in the industry for only 5 months, this is truly a huge accomplishment. She is also very nice, thank you Jennifer for letting me feature you.  Once that show Face Off  started. I just really wanted to do that. I looked online for schools to learn what they do. I've went to school for art and I wanted to bring what I can do on paper to the face. Its harder then it looks. I found a school and it turned out to be a at home school you do on the net. I started seeing makeup pages on there Fb page and thought maybe I should try that as well. I'm a stay home Mom of 3 girls and I want a better life for my kids so the best thing to do was to do what I love. When you do the thing you love its like your stress is less then it was and when I do my looks it's like I'm in my own world and all the pain goes away. I love all makeup artiest but the one who keeps me wanting to keep going is Nathan Johnson hes a MUA and teaches other new MUAs. Hmmm my favorite beauty brand I use meany but the one I cant live without would be Maybelline New York there Instant Age Rewind for dark circles. I wanted to add about entering in to see about becoming an eye model and how I thought I wouldn't make it because didn't think I was good as the rest. Then one day I get a lot of messages from fans saying you made it as one of dollipop cosmetics eye models. I was so happy I was shaky and couldn't sleep at all that night because of that i have pushed my self even more to do better at what I love. I've only been doing this for 5 mo now.

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