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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trendsettas Makeup and Hair !

I want to personally thank Tasha for wanting to be featured despite the recent events. She is a very talented artist in so many ways and many of you have seen it on Facebook. I love to see her pics because she is so original and creative, you will never ever see the same look from this lady. Thank you again Tasha.
My name is Natasha, I’m a licensed stylist of 7 years  and a self- taught makeup artist.  I had my first makeup encounter when I was in middle school after landing a spot on the drill team.  It was love at first sight! My mom could no longer tell me I was too young to wear it, because I had an image to uphold lol. From there I began doing my peers makeup for play and special occasions.  As I got older the fascination continued as I absorbed beauty from celebrities and fashion magazines. I always went to Barnes and Nobles to read beauty books and how-to’s  to get educated on how to be beautiful . Every girls dream right?  I got my cosmetology license in 2006 and began working in salons working mainly as a hairstylist.  I eventually became bored with doing hair and wanted to pursue a career in makeup but had no clue how to land a job at a make-up counter. I knew I was great at make-up but I didn’t know how to go about proving myself, I had no portfolio, and most of my experience was as a hairstylist.  Life turned upside down for me last year resulting in me losing my stylist job and becoming a stay at home mom to my two daughters. While at home thinking of what I could possibly do to bring money in while not being able to work, and constantly having my daughters with no baby sitter, I got the bright idea to create a makeup page on Facebook showcasing my skills in regards to makeup, nails, and hair. I started taking pictures every time I got dressed up to go out and of peoples makeup I would do. In my spare time while my kids were in school I would create dramatic eye shadow looks.  All of those events have brought me to where I am today. My name is getting out, people in my city are catching on to what I do and wanting me to do makeup for events, and special occasions.  People are getting inspired by my work and my story. My inspirations come from all things varying from food, cocktails, candy, fashion, you name it and I can find inspiration. My favorite mua other than myself is none other than Sam Fine!!  Not only is he literally fine he is one of the world’s highest paid makeup artists as well as the first African American spokesperson for Revlon. . He inspires me to the core to say the least!  My favorite beauty brand is Mac because of the vast color range and bold pigmentation colors. The company has held a stable position in being one of the most if not the most sought after, go to beauty brand   amongst  renowned artists. I’m on a mission to make a name for myself in the industry and will not stop even when I have done so, my goal is to inspire women with my art and my story and help them tap into their inner beauty. Inner beauty results in outer beauty. J

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  1. If anyone need their hair done they need to book an appointment for Tasha.......she is very talented and will hook you and believe me you won't be disappointed