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Friday, January 25, 2013

Surreal Makeup !

I want to thank Surreal Makeup for giving me this interview. There products are amazing, and I'm just not saying that. I had the pleasure of trying out eyeshadows from Surreal Makeup and I really don't have the right words to even describe how awesome they are. I am a very lucky person to have had the opportunity to try the products and do this interview.
Q1: My first question is, how long have you been in the beauty business? A: I have been in the beauty business for 2 years. Q2: What prompted you to start Surreal Makeup. A: Severe allergies to most cosmetic brands on the market. I had met a friend who worked as a chemist for a major cosmetic company that took the time to show me how to create hypo- allergenic mineral makeup that I could wear without reaction. Many compliments from friends, colleagues as well as complete strangers prompted me to start Surreal Makeup. Q3: How long has the company been around? A: 2 Years Q4: What inspires color choices for eye shadows and other cosmetics including body and bath products? A: I would have to say that my inspirations are rainbows & unicorns, life, fantasy art, anime, rock music, Disney, heavy metal and video games. These are the things around me that bring me happiness and are filled with beautiful colors. Q5: What is your most popular selling item? A: Mineral Eyeshadow, my most popular color is Sandy Beach. It is a bone ivory shimmer that blends well and compliments several other colors in Surreal Makeup's product line. About Surreal Makeup, LLC: Surreal Makeup LLC. was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of providing top quality cosmetic products for a fraction of the cost of big name retailers. The Owner of Surreal Makeup LLC. started to acquire allergies to the lakes, dyes and chemicals found in other major brand cosmetics on the market and could no longer wear them. With the help of a friend who worked as a chemist for a major cosmetic brand she was able to create her own mineral cosmetics without lakes, dyes or harsh chemicals. She was able to wear these cosmetics without allergic reaction and the color stayed vibrant all day. The color and vibrancy of this makeup attracted a lot of attention and people started taking notice and were asking where they could buy some as well. Thus, Surreal Makeup LLC. was created. Surreal Makeup LLC. originally had 20 colors of eye shadow available for purchase and has grown in the past year to 240 eye shadow colorsas well as Body Glitz, U/V Black-light Glitter, Foundation and much more. Surreal Makeup is 100% pure minerals with no lake, dyes or harsh chemicals. It is hypo-allergenic, naturally water resistant and makes a great sports or performance makeup as it will not run when you perspire. The color lasts all day without folding in the creases of your eye lids as there is no organic fillers that bind when wet. Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide top of the line quality cosmetic products that are more vibrant, last longer and are better for your skin at a fraction of the cost of major retail brands on the market. Product Information: 100% pure mineral makeup with no lakes, dyes, talc or chemicals. Surreal Makeup has no organic fillers and is hypo-allergenic, super pigmented so the color lasts all day without having to continually re-apply. Inorganic minerals are naturally water resistant. Surreal Makeup makes perfect performance or sport makeup as it does not run or fade when sweating. There are no organic fillers so our makeup does not fold into the eye lid easily and rarely creases. Surreal Makeup is light and virtually weightless. You would forget your wearing it if not for the many compliments you will receive while wearing our vibrant makeup. At the end of the day, our makeup cleans up simply and easily with either soap and water or a moist baby wipe. No more harsh chemicals or makeup remover to ruin your skin! We are animal lovers at Surreal Makeup. We never test our product on animals! There is a reason it is called Surreal Makeup. Employees: Myself - Amanda Baker My husband Bryan is very supportive of my business and volunteers from time to time. What to Expect n 2013: More vibrant colors, more contests and customer involvement, more expos and possibly an improved more streamlined

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