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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Makeup Fairyz !

I am proud to bring you this feature on Makeup Fairyz, I have trying to contact this company for awhile now until I finally got a response. I really admire all of you who own and run your own cosmetic business, you not only cater to myself but also to others out there who are looking for that added pizzazz in cosmetics. These ladies are up and coming so you you better check them out! Thank you for doing this feature Makeup Fairyz, you all are truly amazing !!!
1.I've honestly been a Makeup fiend since i was about 4 its always been my thing i took Cosmotology in early 2000s followed by skin care and makeup courses which opened my eyes to how much I loved makeup!
2. M.f. was started as a review site till I realized I really wanted to create my own products I found a lack of good mineral Cosmetics available to people like me with kids I do believe in budgeting who can afford 22$ eyeshadow! It prompted me to start the ball rolling and I found out I really love creating Cosmetics with a passion! Lol
3. Our official "bday " is October 31,2011 as that is when I got my first customer sale
4.m.f. products can be inspired by anything and anyone "pinkish pony pukez " came from my sons arguing one called the other a pinkish pony it was so funny I had to ask what exactly that looked like and make a shade called that! Lol
5.Our most popular items would probably be a tie between the red eyeshadows or the pukez line
6.Once I learned to create my own products I thought how awesome would it be if I could build this into something my kids can grow to learn and be part of technically they will never have to work at a meaningless job i can teach them to be their own boss and be independent maybe not a makeup company but to pursue what they love and do it for themselves
7. 2013 will be the year m.f. does a little of a lot! You can expect foundation, bronzer, blushes,hair stains, and even more unique body products! We are about living free and dying pretty so we will be continuing to make as many chemical free products as we can think of!
8. As
far as behind the scenes at m.f. I (lucy fairyz) create all the Cosmetics and body products solely I do wholesale contacts and gratitude jewelry as well. I have a fantastic group of promoters known to me as the official Fairyz they range in age from 15 and up different races,areas  lifestyles and careers proving m.f. is universal to anyone I've tried to meet a wide range of needs while balancing full-time mommy hood. I work as hard as I can to make quality products available, affordable, and awesome for every budget and body!

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