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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lenabug's Makeup Land !

I want to LenaBug's for doing this feature for me. As you can see from the pic above, this is why I came to her and asked for this feature, she is so talented and her makeup is just off the hook ! Please enjoy this feature and give Lenabug's Makeup land some love !
I've always loved makeup since I was a little girl, but I'd say I really found my passion for it about 2 years ago. I started watching some videos on youtube. I remember I was trying to learn how to clean my makeup brushes and found a Kandee Johnson video and I was immediately sucked in, and before I new it I was watching makeup videos almost during all of my free time. I started entering Facebook contests and then shortly after I decided to create my own makeup page. In January 2012 is when I decided to start my Youtube channel. Unfortunately 2012 brought some pretty horrible events to my family and I wasn't able to put as much into my channel and page as I wanted to, but I'm determined to make 2013 a better year and I'm really excited to put more into my makeup life.
My inspirations come from all around me. Tv, movies, nature, other MUA's, etc. I'd have to say what really gets me excited about makeup though is Special effects makeup (zombies, cuts, bruises, etc.) and Fantasy makeup. I get all giddy inside lol. I actually started a 5 week SPFX class this week.  I want to learn everything I can about SPFX.
I'd have to say my favorite MUA if I had to choose is GoldieStarling. I think her work is just absolutely incredible. If I want to learn how to do something gory or bloody lol her videos are my go to, but I also love everything else she does aswell.  
As for my favorite makeup brand...that is a really hard to just choose one. For every day makeup i'd say it would have to be Urban Decay (I'm a NAKED palette junkie) and for SPFX that would have to be Mehron.

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