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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GlitterGirlC !!!!

This lady is one of my favorite MUA's of all time, she was one of the first people I came in contact with when I first started my page, she has been nothing but supportive of me and my endeavors. GlitterGirl C is one of the nicest most talented people in this world today, her looks inspire us all ! Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am truly honored.

I've been interested in makeup since I was 3 years old. Then, I especially liked red lips and lots of blush! ;D From I was 13-15 years old I loved matching my eyeshadow color with my outfit. When I wore green clothes, I had a green eyeshadow on etc. In highschool I figured out that the boring color "brown" actually made my blue eyes pop, so I wore that every day for school. But it wasn't until the autumn of 2010, I got interested in the kind of artsy makeup that I do now. I found a makeup tutorial on Youtube and after that I was hooked! All the colors used, the placement, the glitter and shapes were magical to me! <3

That Christmas, I started buying my own colorful makeup and experimenting with it. In the spring of 2011 I posted my fist looks in the Makeup Geek weekly Challenges and in the autumn that same year, I started posting my looks on the makeup community, Makeupbee. When I saw that people actually liked my looks on there, I was brave enough to start my own blog. After that I started my facebook page ( then the Youtube channel, ( :)

I don't have a spesific thing that inspires me when creating these looks, it's mostly just a color combo that pops up in my head! 

I have a lot of favorite Makeup artists that inspire me though, like Karolina from "Grzee", Meredith from "Pigments and Palettes", Kiki from "Luciferismydad", Veronica from "Bows and Curtseys", Sarah from "Sarah Chambers Makeup Desing" and many, many more! :D

The picture I've sent you is my favorite look that I've created! It's a Cheshire Cat inspired look, from my Alice in Wonderland series. I like it the most, because I used 3 months planning it, to make it perfect. I like the shape, the colors, the glitter and the matching lashes! <3 Here is the video tutorial for the look:

I used all Sugarpill eyeshadows for this look, even the lashes are Sugarpill, so I think it's safe to say that that is my favorite makeup brand. They have the most beautiful and most pigmented shadows I know, which are so easy to work with! Two other favorite brands of mine are Makeup Geek and Inglot! They have amazing shadows and the quality of them is the best! <3

So yes, that was a bit about me. Now, I'll just keep on posting one video tutorial each week and hopefully get to inspire people with my looks. :)

xoxo, GlitterGirlC

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