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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Everyday Glam Girl !

Well, where to begin...
I think i have always been interested in makeup. Art in general actually. I dabbled in drawing, i wrote, i sang... and of course I had my friends with likewise interests..
It never was a competition, but i always felt as though there was never that one thing that i was able to shine through with. I never thought much about my makeup as an art at the time, I just knew i loved the vivid pigments and gorgeous color combinations that could be made to add drama and style to every outfit.
So throughout high school I was just known as the "colorful one" who always had makeup done to match every single outfit lol
Sephora was this heaven that I only wished I was able to frequent. It wasn't till about two years ago, on a stateside deployment with the Army National Guard, where I finally had enough money to set aside and splurge with to finally start making my way with my hobby. Then one day while browsing youtube, I found this amazing makeup guru: Lauren, The Queen of Blending!
I was hooked, I never thought outside the box even once with the stuff she came up with, so i watched more and more, found other gurus and beauty bloggers and realized this is what I could shine through with. 
Its my form of self expression, I can display an emotion, a feeling, a style, I can pretend to be someone else, an alter ego, its amazing to see what can be done and by everyone using brushes and shadows.
So now I have a page where I never once thought I would have HALF as many followers as I do.. I love it. I love finding people who share my affinity for makeup!
A huge inspiration would be of course the queen of blending herself, she doesnt care for trends, she just does what she wants and likes and says forget all the closed minded people who cant accept a lil color in this seemingly monochromatic world =]
She also turned me on to what I think is one of THE most amazing brands EVER- Sugarpill Cosmetics. so bright, colorful, and just my style!! bright and bold!
I'm no model, or even close to being a professional makeup artist [although someday I would like to be]
I am just an everyday girl who likes to feel glamorous <3

I want to thank Everyday Glam Girl for this feature, everyone of you that I have featured are so talented and gifted in your art, I am very honored and humbled that I am even getting the time of day from these wonderful artists. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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