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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alejandra Ramirez !

I am happy to bring you Alejandra's feature, she is new to the beauty industry so I want to welcome her. You may know her makeup company Glowing Creations which is also new. She is very talented and at such a young age she has so much going for her. Help me to Welcome Alejandra, here is her story:
My Name Is Alejandra & I'm A Freelance Makeup Artist. To explain that a little bit better I have taught myself how to be a makeup artist , little by little I had different kinds of inspirations. I Started off from watching simple videos online , looking at girls who had there makeup done in the real life , nature & life its self . I Been Doing this For A little over 4 years now & I love it ! it became not only a hobby but a lovely passion that I only expect to get better with more practice. The smallest things can inspire me to create my looks it being the clouds, a beautiful sunset to a simple flower on the floor , I enjoy being creative & expressing myself in many ways. Makeup is a kind of art that has no perfection but only inspiration. Other than myself I enjoy seeing makeup artist who put there full effort into the passion of makeup, there is no judging or saying anyone is better in my eyes. When It Comes to having a favorite brand I am very open to trying different products , I love bright colors as well as neutral colors. Take a look at my work I hope one day I can be the inspiration of a new beginner just like someone was for me :)

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