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Monday, December 3, 2012

Feature Artist of the week: Mrs.ElegantBeauty

When I think of makeup I only think of lipstick, eyeshadow(maybe), and eyeliner. I am on Facebook on a  regular basis and had no idea that makeup artists were dominating Facebook with their talent and creativity. Makeup has truly taken a turn for the good, it's no longer just about the ordinary application but also about the art. This weeks artist is no stranger to makeup or Facebook, Angela Fetterolf aka Mrs.ElegantBeauty has been dazzling us with her beauty and creations for 2 yrs now, personally she is one of the people you will ever know. I asked her a few questions and she was nice enough to share her responses with me and now I want to share them with all of you:  My name is Angela Fetterolf aka MrsElegantBeauty,
"I began a serious interest in makeup a couple years ago. When life got to hard for me to face, so hard I just wanted to be another person. So slowly but surely I started to create different characters on my face. Some happy, some sad, and some so far out not many understand. Makeup has been where my heart is at for two years now. I started wearing it more two years ago, but just in the last year has it turned into a passion. The characters I create are calming to me. I have worked incredibly hard to improve my skills just by watching others and experimenting. I am actually surprised myself that I have improved as much as I have in 1 year. I still have a lot more to learn and try as hard as I can everyday. I always say "take a look at my work.. and step into my mind." It is a very true statement. No matter what I always try to find beauty in everything. I find myself most inspired by things that are colorful or fantasy." 
I want to thank her for doing this and for showing me that there is more to makeup than just the ordinary. One of my favorite creations from her is the one posted above. It's beautiful and elegant just like her. Stay tuned next week when I bring you the story of another superb artist.

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