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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Interview with Impulse Cosmetics

Pandora Lipstick
Q: How long have you been in the beauty business?A: Though Impulse Co has only been around for a little over a year, I have been dabbling with "home-made" cosmetics for quite some time. It started back in 2008, my senior year of High School, when I came across a DIY post entailing the process of making your own mineral foundation and eyeshadow. At the time, I was spending an arm and a leg on the BareMinerals monthly kits, so replacing the cash I was blowing with a little extra free time seemed like a fun and frugal idea. From there, I started formulating pretty basic eyeshadows, which I sold to family, friends, and a few folks on the internet. This little hobby turned into a passion, and my passion for color fueled a business that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Q: What prompted you to start Impulse Cosmetics?A: It's true what they say; "When you love what you do, you won't work a day in your life." I've always been a really creative person, a  "colorful mess-maker" even in diapers. My inspiration for art and all things creative paved my path to Art School, even though two years in I realized that liberal arts degree wasn't as practical as I wanted it to be. Given the back story of how I discovered DIY cosmetics, when I realized that I could apply the creative side of myself that I loved and embraced AND turn it into a "career" that would pay my bills, the answer was obvious.

Q: How long has Impulse Cosmetics been around? A: Impulse Co was "born" in August of 2013. I'm happy to say that we just crossed our one year marker, and I'm looking forward to many to come!

Q: What inspires choices for what you post and sell?A: I'm obsessed with color, plain and simple. The beauty industry is vast, especially when you take Independent Cosmetic companies, like Impulse Co, into account.. but I think, at the risk of generalizing, the industry is focused on "what sells" and "what will make me $$" not what peaks interest. The "vast majority" might not have any interest in yellow lipstick, but we'll keep it in stock for that one person that does want it.
That said, I would be lying if I didn't do the market research and plot trends, but in addition to products & shades that are popular, I also aim to come out with products that are unique and a little out-of-the-ordinary.

Q: What is your most popular selling item? A: Our most popular, best selling items are "Melancholy", "Smoking Gun", and "Pandora" lipsticks. Every time I make a new batch of any of those shades, they're gone within the day. Pandora is also one of my favorite shades, but if I had to pick a "go-to" lip color, it would be "Two Timer". I never really saw myself as a "red lipstick girl"; I had the habit of sticking pretty close to my comfort zone until I gave that shade a spin.. and now, I'll scream it from the rooftops, ANYONE can pull of a red lippy.

Q: What can we expect from you in 2013-2014?A: I am constantly coming up with ideas for new shades, new products, and thrilling promotions and some of them never leave the ground, but I feel like, in the coming year, my line is doing well enough & I'm within my comfort zone to start premiering some of those products. I'm currently working on a liquid lipstick line, a gel liner line to match our crazy colored lipsticks, and a line of full coverage concealers and foundations.

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