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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Educational Web Page

With so many kids on summer vacation for 2 plus months the fear every parent has including myself is when school starts up again that our kids will forget a lot of the material they learned in the classroom from being away for so long. I am a cyber school mom and I have that worry also. This summer was kind of different for us because I decided when school ended that I would have the girls doing educational activities online or otherwise. We found a couple of cool math sites that kept the girls busy learning while playing educational games. Sverve had a campaign where us moms could test out this cool site called I had my daughter who is going to be starting first grade this fall try it out, this site has a little bit of everything for all grade levels, her favorites were hearing and reading along with fairy tale stories and the coloring pages, since she really can't read yet the reading along with the story helped her to understand what was going on instead of just looking at the pictures. There are so many activities on this site that it would keep your child learning for hours and hours. is totally free so you won't to worry about subscribing to anything, you do have to register to use the site but that's it. Here is the link to the web page, go check it out and let me know how you and your kids liked it.

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