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Monday, June 24, 2013

Marrisa Walbey

Special Thanks to Marrisa for doing this feature for me. I have been following her looks for months now and I love all of them. Please look her up on Facebook and check out all of her great Makeup looks.
Im marrisa walbey iam 21, mom of 2 and a wife. Ive only been interested in makeup for only about 2 years. My inspirstions for my looks are from other MUAS  that i have on my personal page and some times i just think of interesting looks or just let my imagination run favorite MUA besides me lol has to be Mrselegantbeauty her looks are phenomenal and creative. How i started loving makeup was last year i was into doing the special fx makeup but i started seeing makeup contest and boom! Im addicted to makeup lol.this picture has 2 of my favorite because one is just a natural look you can wear any time and the other one is just bold and fun and bright. And my favorite makeup brand  its hard because i havent tryed all the makeup i want to but i will one day so i love all my makeup brands i have .

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