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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winterlust Sitemodelling !

I discovered Winterlust Sitemodelling when I entered the LIKE competition on Facebook. I really don't like entering LIKE competitions because I know the odds of winning are not very good, but I had a feeling that I should enter this one so I did. The owner of Winterlust is the nicest person you will ever meet, she is so adorable. I want to thank her for doing this feature for me and if any of you think you'd like to enter her competition, here is the link:
I've been site modelling on and off ever since I was about fifteen. I really enjoyed it, the groups and people I was interacting with were really kind and supportive. I was going through a bit of difficulty self-esteem wise at the time, incidents occurring at school and my confidence was getting knocked greatly. People on a whole didn't take kindly to or accepted the whole 'alternative' look. So when I discovered site modelling, I was encouraged by the girls I saw that were similar to me in their style, being able to site model, just from their computers at home. It was that simple, and they were getting so much from it. I applied for a few sites, and got into a couple. And that's where it all began. I grew a lot over the next few years, I felt a lot more respected and It was a nice contrast to people saying not-so-nice things about my appearance at look elsewhere. The sites I had joined really supported me, these groups do more than just advertise models, once you're in there, it's more like a family. I've never seen anything like it, even though most of us had never met, we were comfortable nearly right away, because we all felt so accepted. You could talk about anything with these people, It was a real source of comfort. I was given lots of opportunities, support and confidence by these groups, and I think that's what inspired me to set up my own site, so I could give this back to other people who were just like me. We treat each other equally, in some cases, these modelling sites do go wrong if they are not properly managed. Some members can cause a disturbance within the group or with another site and arguments or conflict can arise. Having witnessed that, I took it under my wing to ensure that I do everything possible to avoid Winterlust getting into any kind of conflict. Every member is welcomed, every member is introduced and is given tips on how to improve if they are new to site modelling. I really enjoy running the site, it keeps me busy every minute of the day, especially with it's recently outburst of popularity, partly from the requests for the chibi character designs. However, that's all part of the fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have big plans for Winterlust and so far it's looking well on it's way to achieving them.

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