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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Modified Dolls !

When I think of one organization that I would love to part of, The Modified Dolls is it. These ladies have helped and continue to help so many people all over the United States. This non profit organization is one of the most well know groups out there today, they not only help out different charities but they are a voice for alternative beauty, which attracted me the most. I applied to be a Tucson Doll and believe it or not was accepted but had to back out because of the commitment that I would have to make, it's not an easy task being a Modified Doll. I continue to support them 100% and hope to one day be able to commit to the wonderful organization these ladies have created. Please check out their Facebook Page:
The group was founded as a FB and friend group with no licensing in September 2011. It officially got granted non profit org licensure in Feb 2012. We are NOT 501c3 with the IRS as that is a charity. We are NOT a charity. We are a non profit org based out of Washington state with chapters in 48 states and 8 different countries. We have 10 other states officially licensed as non profit orgs in their respective states as well and the other building chapters operate under WA as the official headquarters.  The idea for the group came from all the negativity and negative stereotypes I had to deal with being a highly tattooed nurse and mother, and also my love for helping others. It seemed that the one could help to abolish the other if just more people realized what amazing, caring, and giving women modified women are. I have gotten 100's of letters, emails, calls from Dolls saying how TMD has given them their confidence back, has awoken their spirit, and has made them make better life decisions. We require our girls to be of the highest moral capacity and good citizens with no criminal background or activity. I think we have made huge strides in many communities. We have been honored by mayors in some states, been on many many news broadcasts, honored by churches, and had write ups honoring our work in many magazines as well. On top of that the org has raised over 40,000 dollars for charity and logged in hundreds of thousands of charity work hours..not to mention used goods donations, hair donations, and new toy donations. TMD picks a different charity to support each month. We love supporting diverse charities that have a need and an interest to our members :D

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