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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KaBoom Alternative Accessories !

I want to say Thank You to KaBoom Alternative Accessories for doing this feature for me. This feature holds a special place in my heart because I am one of the newest Merch Models for KaBoom, all jewelry is custom made and so adorable so be sure you check out their Facbook page out,
I only began in the jewellery business a year ago (April 2012), which is when I started up KaBoom! Alternative Accessories. Initially, it was because I'd already tried out a bunch of different art forms (illustration, digital art, photography, fashion design, printing...etc) and wanted to do more!
I can't get enough of designing and making things, so I tried making a couple of accessories and found I had a knack for it. Then I thought "If I'm going to start this hobby, it'd be better to share it with others." Besides, when would I wear all of these accessories?
So I started up my facebook page, put up a few hair clips and some bottled glitter necklaces, and caught the attention of a few people. It kind of built up from there, with more ideas, more requests and eventually, FINALLY, sales. It's still only a small business, mostly a hobby since I have university and other commitments to keep up with. However, I log in every day, make accessories as often as possible and try to constantly improve the shop.

I'd say that my accessories are greatly influenced by a little shop I found at a stall once, at a local fair. I can't remember their name, but they sold adorable and unique jewellery for really low prices. I fell in love with them for it, and realised just how many brilliant designs people could come up with, without bleeding customers dry. They also believe in giving a little extra to loyal customers, which I've found helps in my shop too. Since it's only a small business, I really rely on loyal customers to keep me going.
Music also largely influences my accessories, especially the most recent ones. I listen to a lot of J-pop, K-pop and upbeat electronic music, which often means I make cute and colourful accessories. But then I'm also into other genres such as metal, punk, old fashioned/folksy so my shop is pretty much filled with a great mix of styles.
I believe to stand out from the crowd, you need to sell something no-one else has, which is why I sell a lot of unique one-offs I've made with odd bits and pieces. People are drawn in by my shop because chances are, they'll find an item that is the only one ever made. My accessories are alternative, out of the ordinary.

Recently I've added possibly my oddest items to the shop: Crazy and colourful cat face jewellery. These earrings are possibly my favourite of the items in my shop:
I actually find it difficult to part with accessories such as this. Also, these galaxy inspired earrings:    I only made one, so it's even more difficult to let go! Haha!
I'd say the most popular items in my shop are the bottled glitter dust necklaces. These have been around since I first opened the shop actually, and are still going strong because they're not something you would find in any accessory store. I also personalise mine to suit the customer. I have poison, fairy dust, sherbert, love potions... You name it!

What does 2013 bring for KaBoom! Alt. Accessories?
-Nearing the end of March, I began taking on merchandise models. Soon, these beautiful ladies will be showing off my accessories in style!
-Possibly handmade KaBoom charms (polymer clay), and hopefully unique KaBoom acrylic laser-cut charms. Sample:
-Also, a wider range of accessories (I'll be adding rings soon, for a start).
-A rather exciting project that I'm trying to put together, involving local models and MUAs. So KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THAT!

KaBoom! Alt Accessories are really stepping it up for 2013. It's all happening now.
April x

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