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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Salty Cosmetics !

Let me introduce you all to Salty Cosmetics ! This company grabbed my attention due to it's name and fantastic colors I saw. I don't know how many of you have heard of Salty Cosmetics but I guarantee you they will be big very soon. Thank you for honoring me with this interview, for the rest of you reading this, please go and check out their page, I guarantee they have something you've just gotta have.
1.  I have been in the beauty business since 2001 when I attended Cosmetology school in Kansas.  I am a licensed Hair Stylist and Esthetician in both Kansas and Missouri

2.  I have had this dream of my own makeup line since I was in high school! I remember my first eye shadow palette of over 100 shadows that I purchased myself and I would try to get every color I could on my eye lid! LOL But years down the road, after a 10 yr Army career, hair school, husband, 2 kids, jobs, and more school it just never seemed to be a good time to start or even think about a dream like that.  But 4yrs ago I started Esthetics school because I was still chasing the dream I met a couple of awesome young ladies who had the same passion for makeup, fashion and really fantastic creativity! I approached them with the idea while we were taking the makeup course in school.  They all said YES and we began the journey! And it just so happened that everyone that I wanted to partner with in our company, all of our first initials spelled out SALTY and that is how we got our name! Sarah, Arnelle, Lacey, Tom(my Dad), and Yolanda(my mother). My parents are awesome and I include them in every crazy venture! LOL
I wanted our focus to be on the ingredients we were using instead of just using the cheapest available, we did a lot of research on what was going to make us stand out.  And women are very ingredient savvy these days, another cosmetics line with the same cheap, skin irritating ingredients wasn't going to cut it! 

3.  Salty has been an official company since 2010.

4.  Of course we like to be on trend as much as possible, but I'm also one who likes to "buck the system" a bit and I LOVE color! So anything that is bright and makes a statement is what we look for.  I am not one to follow the crowd but also understand the importance of what our clients are looking for.  Being a hairstylist and esthetician trains you to listen to what your client is looking for and also why we based our line off of our Custom Blending features.  We want women to fall in love with makeup again and not be afraid of color.  Our Custom Blending feature allows the client to be in charge and create the PERFECT color for them! They include all of their specifications including, type of shadow they are looking for (matte, shimmer, semi-matte….), skin tone, hair and eye color, and a description of the color they are wanting.  We ship them samples for them to test and they tell us the changes they would like to make, we make a new sample and send them a new sample.  This process continues until the client is satisfied with the final product.  They also get to name the color whatever they want, we ship them a full sized finalized product with the name they chose and it is then added to our website for purchase! 
Since we are Estheticians as well I like to post content related to taking care of your skin and the best products to do so, with a lot of ingredient information!

5.This feature is one of our best selling items.  We also have done custom blended blush, bronzer and lip gloss.  We have recently added custom blended glitter pigment to the list since we have been dealing with a lot of Cheer competitors looking for special formulations to stand out at the competitions! 

6.  The other best selling item is the eye shadow "Glama-ZOID!"  In April of last year we were approached by Ipsy (formerly My Glam) and they wanted to do a collaboration for their August Glam bags.  Well of course we decided to make a custom blend just for the occasion so they would have an exclusive color from us! And Glama-ZOID was born and ever since it hit the glam bags in August we have had a hard time keeping it in stock! It is the perfect iridescent color that looks fantastic on every skin tone and every age! It almost morphed into whatever skin tone its on and provides them with the perfect color! 

7.  Salty is still a VERY small cosmetics line and we do everything ourselves….we hand blend everything and make everything from scratch.  In 2013 Salty is going through a website overhaul, with the main focus being our new Custom Blend Program which will be anticipating release in May.  Clients will be able to earn discounts on the Custom Blends they have created for life, everyone will be able to vote on their favorite custom colors and the creator of that color earns free products and bigger discounts based on votes! We will also hopefully have perfected our foundations by late summer or sooner.  This special formula has been in testing phase for some time now but I have to be sure it is perfect before we release a substandard product.  But our main focus is color products, we want Salty to be the place you turn to for that eye shadow you can't find ANYWHERE! We are going to add that to our branding during the website overhaul.  We will be Salty Cosmetics Eye Shadow Boutique & Custom Blending Bar.
8.  Salty also provides makeup artist services for all occasions, makeup classes and we also offer Airbrush makeup by Dinair.  

We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, &Instagram all under /SaltyCosmetics

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