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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Envied !

I want to thank Envied for doing this feature for me. I just became a  fan of this Facebook page due to the fact that  myself am thinking of getting into modeling and Envied grabbed my attention. This is the place to go if you too are thinking of becoming a model, Envied is holding application submissions beginning April 10th on their Facebook page.

 Envied was started in January 2013 by Kacie Beth and quickly gained a number of incredible staff members. Envied was started because Kacie had visions of a new site set apart from the rest, a site full of unique models and a dedicated staff. Envied's current staff members are Kacie Beth (owner), Kiki Michelle (Co-Owner), Mariah Del Prado (Lead Co-Owner), Dakota Rayy (Tumblr Manager) & Coasty Of Neverland (Editor). Every staff member plays a very important roll in Envied, they are all here to keep models and fans happy and active and to keep the page organized and running smoothly. Models may apply to become a part of Envied site by visiting our Facebook page and filling out an application. These applications are reviewed by our staff members to ensure the quality of our family. If the model's photos and application meet our standards and impress staff, they are invited to our private group and they become an official part of the Envied family.

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