FaceByEmily is one of those great talents which I love bringing to you all, as you can see from her pic above she does beautiful work. I am happy to call her my friend because she is also a great person to know. I have been following her looks on Facebook and she can do it all, she can do dramatic looks while also bringing you subtle soft looks. She has a bright future ahead of her, here is her feature.
Well believe it or not I was always kind of a "tomboy" growing up, yes, I know it's kind of hard to believe...lol, I actually didn't find that I had a love for make-up until I was about 16,
 and just decided to start wearing eyeliner one day. I had such a great response from all my friends that I was the hooked on making my self "pretty" so to speak. I never went full fledged at that point, just eyeliners and blushes.
 I REALLY started getting into make-up about 10 years ago, after I visite my first M.A.C. store (which M.A.C. has and always will be one of my favorite brands), and decided to buy almost every color in there. I started practicing and trying out new and different things, but then kind of let it go to the way side, because it was consuming so much of my time. Well, here in the last 2 years, I've had nothing, but time, so I started
 back up again, and haven't put a brush down since! I usually don't watch to many YouTube videos, because I feel like that takes away from my inspiration a little. I will sometimes watch "how to" videos, like on cut creases and blending, because there is always room for improvement in those areas :) My absolute all time favorite MUA is RoseShock, I think she is amazing and very talented. Her looks remind me of why I keep doing this, and reaching for my goals, to one day, be an amazing MUA that is everywhere and travels the world! I get a lot of my inspirations from things around me in everyday life, sometimes even from my children, maybe their toys or their books..lol I picked this look for my favorite, because the colors and fun and vibrant and it's one of my more recent looks and I think it shows how much I've improved
in the last 6 months :)