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Friday, January 4, 2013

Honey XO interview

I personally want to thank Honey XO for doing this interview, she is truly a sweetie and very talented. 2013 is going to be her year, I don't have any doubts of that. Sit back and enjoy this interview: HoneyXO was originally I-Candy Couture and opened in 2010.  In 2011 (November 2011 to be exact) – I took my past experience and incorporated the “Makeup aspect” into the business.  I-Candy Couture became HoneyXO as of Jan. 2nd, 2013.  When the business first started as ICC – it was a joint effort of my little sister and I, and she decided she wanted to focus on her career and could not devote the time needed to keep the business running.  After a long conversation – I decided I wanted to change the name because it would encompass a business that was about my loves and passions... Makeup and fashion.  I have been mixing colors for several years – having made many of my own cosmetics for the brides that I did makeup on for their wedding.  My brides and/or the bridal party all receive a little baggy of sample shadows, lipsticks/lip glosses to use for touch ups.  After years of doing this, I finally decided it was time to make my move and turn it into a business venture.  While ICC started as mainly jewelry and accessories, my ultimate goal was for it to be a one stop shop for all woman and ladies.  I wanted to not only offer accessories, but cosmetics and hopefully one day – my own plus sized line.
  I think I answered this question a little in part one.  I have several years in the Cosmetic Industry.  I’m a Certified Makeup Artist and started in the cosmetic industry working at the Iman Counter at my local JC Penny.  After working there, I worked for Estee Lauder and MAC for a little while freelancing.  I decided that the pay truly was not enough for me and found myself in the Corporate world where I worked as a Regional Manager and even worked in medical both in the Private sector as well as Plastic Surgery.   Prior to HoneyXO/I-Candy Couture – I worked as a Freelance MUA on Brides and Bridal Parties and also worked on my portrait clients.  I am also the main photographer and owner of Ho’onani Photography – which is a Wedding & Portrait Photography business.  My photography business (having been inspired by my father) and my love for makeup and being a Freelance artist worked hand in hand with one another as I would do makeup on my brides and bridesmaids and then photograph them at their wedding.  This allowed me to test out many different products over the years as well as venture out and make my own.  Knowing that it was easier to pack a little touch up kit for my clients with products I made myself – I decided that I would incorporate this into my business – then I-Candy Couture, now HoneyXO. 
   HoneyXO as stated, originally started in 2010 as I-Candy Couture.  The cosmetic portion was added in November 2011.
  My color choices are inspired by many things.  I always considered myself to be a very crafty person and find art in everything. My father is a professional landscape and nature photographer and my own nature photography has definitely been inspirations for many of my colors.  Many of my collections are named because of inspirations that I have had a long time or those that really touch me... i.e. The Twilight Saga Collection.  This collection was not only inspired by the books (which happen to be some of my favs) but also inspired by the actual Love Story and my husband who is my forever love.  My Children and my husband inspire and work with me to help name many of my colors.  Some of the collections are inspired by them: i.e. The Marvel Comic Book Collection (Marvelous Avengers) and the Raider Nation collection (inspired by my hubby).  I do get a lot of insight from those that work with as well – many of my Promoters or Reps that have been with me for over a year help to inspire some of our collections and colors too.  They are awesome for me to bounce ideas off of and I’m lucky to have them.  A Child at heart collection was not only inspired by Disney Movies but several of my promoters/reps have contributed to the colors and names included in that collection.  My children were also huge inspirations for that as well.  I’m a very emotional and compassionate person by trait, and I think that my actions and choice for colors and collection really do show my true colors and the type of person I am.  I strive to put a piece of me in everything I create. Smile
   We have several popular sellers.  Our number one Cosmetic item would be our Twilight Collection and our Naked Collection.  Individual sellers would be Breaking Dawn, Maui, Trax and Caramel Apple.  When it comes to our Jewelry/Accessory popular sellers – our Twisted Woven Hoops in all colors are our popular sellers.  Since the girls on Jerseylicious are some of our jewelry items – they have definitely been popular sellers.  Our Rose stud back earrings are also a huge seller.
I’m super excited for 2013.  We had record breaking sales in 2012 – which resulted in me being so tired and pooped out, I took the month of December off to really spend time with my family this Holiday.  But – in less than a year we have definitely grown so quickly and become so popular.  My hopes for 2013 is that I teach these lovely ladies that support HoneyXO that Drama is never needed in this industry and Bullying should never be tolerated.  As a photographer – working with so many in an industry that produces so much wonderful art – I never really experienced the bullying, drama and cut throat part that you get with the Beauty Industry.  After deciding to venture in my own Beauty Business, I was at absolute awe to see how other woman treat one another.   There are so many of us that are doing this because it is what we love and so many others that shoot us and them down because – well, who really knows why they do what they do.  I really hope that in 2013 – these lovely ladies learn to value each other, value each others opinions and support one another.  Tearing each other down is doing nothing for women in this Century and we need to work together instead of tearing each other apart.  Besides that – I just want to continue to bring awesome products.  I have a list of products I’m working on formulating to get them just right.  I’m excited that in the coming months I will not only have new colors but new products.  The Cosmetic portion of HoneyXO has grown tremendously in the last year.  We went from a company that offered 3rd party products to now making everything handmade and from scratch.  I hope that I can get some help so I can start producing products much quicker, since everything is made to order – our processing time is long... but it’s definitely worth the wait.
A little about me... I am a Wife and Mother of 3 boys (an 8 year old “almost 9” and twin 3 year olds).  I live in Hawaii where I have was born and raised.  I am not only the owner of HoneyXO but I am also a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger ( and a YouTuber (  Smile I explained in the first couple of questions what my background in the beauty industry is. Smile I do have Reps that work with me – some of them are: Anna aka 808animalistic on YT, Kiley aka KCSmilez80 on YT, Luv Charity aka LuvCharity3 on YT and a few more.  In total I think I have about 20 Reps.
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I’ve attached 2 recent photos of me... the smokey eye look I’m using HoneyXO cosmetics.

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