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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heather Lindsey !

I really don't know how I could make this feature any better, the pic above leaves me speechless, it's realism is just incredible. Heather Lindsey in my opinion is one of the best make up artists out there today and I am very honored that she gave me the opportunity to do this feature on her. It's not a very long feature but you know your best around, you don't have to say very much. Here is Heather's Feature.
My passion for makeup came when I discovered it as an art and not just a daily routine. It all started in my bedroom experimenting with makeup. I soon found out what worked and what didn't. I discovered color combinations and other techniques. Ever since, I have been doing fashion and some special effect makeup. I've only been doing it for about 2 and a half years. Hoping soon to become a professional, I will soon be starting ethnitician school. Goldistarling on Youtube and Roseshock on Facebook as well as Chaos makeup artist (Megan Martinez) and Under BLUE lights on Facebook have been really inspirational. Their looks are nothing less than works of art. But they're not the only thing that inspire me. Really, anything can inspire me. If it's from a famous painting, or feature film, to the cracks in a painted wall or leaves on the trees. Beauty is all around us and there's just so much to take in. It's hard for me not to get inspired so easily. My makeup page is

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  1. Heather is an exceptionally talented young lady that has the potential to go very far indeed. It was a pleasure working with her during our zombie themed shoots.