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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feature Collage !

I want to thank each of these beautiful souls for submitting their creative work so I could showcase them all. I used to think that make up was just about eyeshadow and eyeliner but these ladies along with many more have given me a whole new appreciation for make up. As you all look at the beauty each of these ladies has created, remember that these looks were not mastered overnight, they have worked hard to perfect their skills and I am proud to feature them on this blog.
Artists from left to right: Jennifer Elaine, Tosha Thrall:" My favorite look I have created was inspired by a Lory bird. This look took me out of my comfort zone as I usually stick with looks that I will wear everyday and just pull colors for inspiration."
Autumn Kinsey aka the daily Glamour: "This is from my Holiday Party Series and it's called Silent Night. I love this look because it reminds me of my favorite moment of the year - singing Silent Night, with hundreds of people holding up little candles in the church I grew up in. It's peaceful and glittery and although everyone is singing, it's one of the few quiet moments I get. I also love this look because it's unexpected. The eyes are light and golden and the lips are a classic punch of red."
Teeny Carter Elizabeth Martinez, and Mara Makeup Addiction: . "this is my best bcuz is showing not just my skills but my believes, i came from the carribean from Puerto Rico and we have a believe in Samhain eve or halloween, we as carribeans we have many believe in dark and white magic and in Samhain eve we
make a hoodoo or voodoo doll and we hide it from Samhain so he cant never take our soul wit him
to the twilight of the dead in halloween nite. but in here i decide to make the hoodoo doll priestes on myself
i hope you like it."


  1. wow you did awesome. thanks for this. its amazing how many muas are now supporting each other so much in things like this. this is awesome. i love them all

  2. Great work! I see some lovely faces that I recognize! Very talented!!!