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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dollipop Cosmetics

Dollipop Cosmetics is one brand that I have never heard of until I started my Beauty page. This company for one is amazing, for two, the two sisters that run it are so nice and genuinely want us beauties to look stylish. The best part about Dollipop Cosmetics is that they are based in Chandler and I live in Tucson so I'm about a 2 hour drive away from them. This morning was the first time I had ever wore their brand of cosmetics. I absoulutely loved the eyeshadow ! The colors are so vibrant and sparkley, just amazing stuff. It wears all day and is smudge proof, for me and my skin type thats a plus. All you beauties out there, if you have never tried Dollipop Cosmetics I highly recommend that you do. The colors are just amazing.
The pic posted below was my look using snow, ultra violet and lust :)

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